It’s the cardinal error of blogging to post more than once a day isn’t it? Especially more than once an hour. But today I’m eschewing that rule because I had a desire to share this video that a friend posted on Facebook, and also to pick out a sentence from it that really struck me.

This is a brilliant short documentary by Donal Moloney, an Irish photographer, on a homeless man called Martin. He has developed a trusting and respectful friendship with Martin over a number of years and there’s an interesting interview with Martin at around the 6.35 mark on the topic of happiness.

At one point, Donal asks “what do you think makes me happy?”

Martin: “I don’t think you could ever be happy.”

“Because you’re looking to find happiness.”

Sometimes, someone will say something that gives you a light bulb moment. This was mine.

Stop trying to be happy and just be happy.




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