Life Coaching

I have begun a series of life coaching with Ariadne Kapsali of

We don’t need to go into the whys and the wherefores of the need for life coaching (it’s self-explanatory, right?) but we had our first session last Thursday and here are the pertinent points that I took away from it, along with the homework that helps me to move forward.

The two focuses of the coaching sessions are: relationships and career.


  • Concentrate on the relationship with myself; how I show up for myself, treat myself and how I feel about myself. Look inwardly rather than outwardly.
  • Focus less on what I think the outcome of a relationship should look like and instead enjoy the journey.
  • Focus on manifesting and the law of attraction. Practice gratitude and focus on what I have not what I don’t have. Ariadne sent me some practical guidance on manifesting which I will be implementing imminently!


  • Take myself on a really lush Self Date! (Ariadne’s words :D)
  • Reconnect to my physical body (self-massage, self-pleasure, affirmations, tracking menstrual cycle, how I feel etc, dancing)

One thing this session re-affirmed about me is that I struggle to let go of control – I feel I need to know the outcome of most situations. It stems from a need to feel safe as the unknown can be a scary space and I know this is linked to an uncertain childhood and emotionally unavailable parent. Identifying where emotional habits come from is freeing and incredibly helpful in understanding oneself and moving forward.


  • We discussed honing my career vision and how I can connect with feeling content, connected and purposeful in my career.
  • In my mind, I’ve separated my current career, debt and future career into different “lanes” and we discussed whether there’s a way I can somehow combine the three so that I don’t limit myself. The idea of a Venn diagram immediately popped into my head although I don’t know if that’s very helpful!


Ariadne has sent me a summary of our session and really useful debt free and savings plan, money clarity and career and work values workbook. Completing the money clarity sheet has been really eye-opening into my relationship with money and where it comes from. I almost can’t believe I didn’t think about it sooner.

My experience of life coaching so far has been really positive and I can’t recommend Ariadne enough!



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