In Which I Leave London

I can’t quite believe it! I mean, I can, because I’ve spent the past couple of years periodically wanting to leave London, then changing my mind, then wanting to leave again. But now I’m really doing it.

I’m still processing a lot of thoughts, feelings and emotions around this decision and my impending move. London has been my home for seven years. It’s where I found swing dancing and made some fantastic new friends. I’ve changed jobs, moved house, practiced yoga, had therapy, grown in so many ways. I studied massage here and now I’m soon to leave. I have so many happy memories from my London life and I will never forget any of it. The other day, I was walking to work and thinking about my relationship with London and this is what it feels like; the natural change and progression of our time together. It’s not the end but it’s time for me to step away and make the relationship less intense.

I dream on a daily basis of what I want for my life in the future, and that is to become a bus/van dweller with a much longer term goal of owning a place in the countryside where I can keep animals. Moving out of London is the first step in realising that dream. I’d also like to travel again- this year marks the tenth year since I went to Australia for a year and I think about it regularly.

Leaving London is moving my life in a new direction. I can’t wait!


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