I Suck

Well that title could be taken many ways couldn’t it! Or as my friend’s friend would say: “zat is what she saaayyyyyssss” (a French take on “that’s what SHE says, with the emphasis on “says” and not “she”).

This is one of my more borington posts but I really, really suck at writing consistently. I nearly forgot I had a blog until I commented on one of my favourite bloggers posts and it highlighted my own.

Life updates: I’m now a country dweller! I no longer live in the City of London, I’m officially a Kent-person again. I love commuting from work back into the calm, quiet countryside and I’m enjoying having the best of both worlds. Some things that I’ve noticed since moving back home are that I can hear birdsong – clearly – in the morning when I wake up and that it’s noticeably colder in Kent than it is in London. Buses turn up when they turn up and they don’t accept contactless payments. We’re spoiled in London in this respect.

I went to Morocco two weeks ago with a small group of friends and the trip has taken the number 1 spot in my list of favourite places to travel. Here are some photos. Aren’t these colours gorgeous? So vibrant. They make my heart sing.





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