The Light Creeps Back In…

Since writing Grief, I had to really take a step back and start practicing the nurturing self-care that I’m always encouraging others to do but rarely do myself.

I spent more time at home, my happy place, and My Love took a load of “things” off me so I didn’t feel any additional pressures that were making me feel worse. He cooked for me. He hugged me when I cried. He reassured me. He loved me. I’m so thankful for him.

Being in nature has been immensely healing. Connecting with my surroundings, finding stillness and taking a breath. I wonder now how I spent so long living in a city, but maybe that’s why I appreciate nature more now. Nature is medicine.

I can see the light now. The heaviness has gone, the darkness lifted.

I still have to remind myself that I’m human and it’s normal to feel low when we go through difficult times in life. Maybe it’s because my younger days were so hard, I don’t want to feel anything other than safe and happy. That’s not realistic though. Life is full of ups and downs. It’s a journey and we’re all doing the best we can with what we know at the time.


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