Bus Life

I love how everything about bus life has a process.

It’s very different to dwelling in bricks and mortar. It encourages, nay, forces you, to consciously think about the impact you have on the world around you.

You think hard about how much water you need to use because you know that you’ll eventually have to refill the water tank which is a 45 minute process. The water doesn’t simply come out of the tap- when it runs out, you have to unravel your hose, attach it to the outdoor tap over the way, trail the hose across the grass, put it in the tank and leave it to fill up for about 30 minutes. Then once it’s finished, you have to detach it, wind up the hose on your arm, return it to it’s place and rewind it round it’s hanger.

As the weather gets colder and the nights are darker, we have to plan when we’re going to chop wood for the wood burner so the bus doesn’t get cold. We need a constant, dry, supply available. We need coal on hand so that the burner stays warm overnight and we don’t freeze when we get up in the morning. 

It’s about remembering to always, always make sure the gas is turned off when we’re not using it.  

It’s about not having a surplus of “things” on the bus because we simply don’t have space for them. Every inch of space is valuable. We are constantly reinventing ways to hang things, take up less space and make more space available.

For me, these are the best things about bus life. I feel satisfied knowing I’ve put my time and effort into filling up the water tank and making water available. That together, we gather and chop wood so we can make a fire and cosy up with each other, feeling all toasty and warm in the evening. That we have everything we could possibly need in life- not more and not less. 

My very favourite thing is the evenings that we eat our dinner by the fire in our backyard; a glass (bottle!) of wine in hand, we eat, drink, chat and cuddle. Wrapped up in layers and staring into the fire until it dies down and we head back onto the bus to watch a movie. This is what I love about bus life.


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